Red Wedding Favors

If you're looking to add a pop of color to your special day, why not consider red wedding favors? Not only will they make your guests blush with delight, but they'll also add a touch of romance to your celebration. Here are three options that are sure to make a statement:

1. Personalized Wedding Favors Candle Jars Red

Wedding party favors scented candles with golden lids the perfect choice for wedding giveaways. Each candle is beautifully crafted with real dried red flowers, and can be personalized with custom names, colors, and text.

red wedding favors candles


2. Personalized Wedding Favors Candle Glass Red

This delightful candle comes with an elegant red ribbon, and a golden lid. Additionally, you can select from a variety of designs, ensuring that the candle reflects your unique style and taste.


3. Wedding Favors Red Bubble Candle

Our Customized Bubble Candle is the perfect wedding favor for your special day. Crafted with organic soy wax and personalized with names, red ribbon, and design tag, this custom candle will make your day truly unforgettable.



So there you have it, three red wedding favors that are sure to make your guests blush with delight. Your guests will be reminded of your special day long after the last dance. So go ahead, add a touch of romance and color to your wedding with these unique and memorable favors. Your guests will thank you!

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